Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyer / Frequently Asked Questions

This article will outline some of the top questions our client have when thinking they may need a law firm or specialty lawyer to help them with their personal injury case in Nebraska. A Personal Injury Lawyer Represents Individuals Not Corporations Something you may not know, when you’ve been injured is that usually you are […]

Video: Texting and Driving is Dangerous, Nebraska Attorney Explains

What kinds of Activities are Considered Distracted Driving? Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about what kinds of activities people engage in while driving that Nebraska law recognizes as “distracted driving”. You’ve just been in an accident with a driver who was driving erratically, or who pulled out in front of you […]

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need in Nebraska? Important Answer From Injury Lawyer:

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Nebraska Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman Answers This Question:  What’s the minimum amount of liability insurance you need to protect yourself in case a car accident happens in Nebraska? WATCH VIDEO: There’s a minimum amount of money you need to spend on car insurance in Nebraska. Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman explains: Say you get into a car […]

Your Life Worth Less Than Dollar to GM: Nebraska Auto Accident Lawyer Tells Disturbing Truth

Nebraska Auto Accident Lawyer

GM Wasn’t the Only One at Fault for Brooke’s Death. Nebraska Auto Accident Lawyer Reveals Truth: Brooke almost died 4 days before her 29th birthday. She was driving her 2005 Chevy Cobalt when the power steering and the brakes suddenly shut off. She was able to narrowly avoid an accident and got the car towed […]

How Much Could Your Car Accident Case Be Worth in Nebraska? Injury Lawyer Tells:

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Injury Lawyer Answers Questions About The Value of a Car Accident Claim in Nebraska: What causes the value of a car accident claim in Nebraska to vary? How much could your case be worth? How much does it cost for representation from a Nebraska Injury Lawyer for your car accident case? Are there any fees […]

How Much Car Insurance Should You Buy – And What Type? Nebraska Injury Lawyer Answers Question:

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Nebraska Injury Lawyer Talks About Insurance Requirements on Your Car What is ‘Liability Insurance’? Why do you need Liability Insurance? What dollar amount in liability insurance does a Nebraska injury lawyer recommend you carry? What dollar amount does Nebraska law require you carry? How much money does it cost for a Nebraska Injury Lawyer to […]

50-year-old Karen Williams, of Lincoln Nebraska Dies after Truck-Car Collsion

Friedman Law Offices Researching Truck-Car Collision Lincoln Nebraska  police say a woman injured in the accident has died. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, police say 50-year-old Karen Williams, of Lincoln, was injured Thursday morning when a pickup truck collided with her car at an intersection. The accident happened about 7:30 a.m. Officials say Williams […]