Video: Texting and Driving is Dangerous, Nebraska Attorney Explains

What kinds of Activities are Considered Distracted Driving? Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about what kinds of activities people engage in while driving that Nebraska law recognizes as “distracted driving”. You’ve just been in an accident with a driver who was driving erratically, or who pulled out in front of you […]

Man Falsely Accused of Murder Compensated With the Help of Nebraska Injury Lawyers Dan & Herb Friedman

Nebraska Injury Attorney

Nebraska Injury Lawyer: Darrel Parker Was Coerced Into Confessing to Murder He Didn’t Commit 60 Years Ago Why would you confess to a crime you didn’t commit? What is the Nebraska Wrongful Conviction Act? Who qualifies to receive compensation under the Nebraska Wrongful Conviction Act? How could a Nebraska Injury Lawyer help a person in Nebraska who has […]

Dan Friedman What happens when you’re injured by a drunk driver?

Clients often think that that is the end of the case and they should be paid at once. If they are force d to file suit clients feel like THEY are on trial, as opposed to the person that caused the accident in the first place. The reason this happens is that the at-fault drivers almost always simply admit that they caused the accident. In Nebraska, this kind of admission ends any and all inquiries into the nature of the defendant’s negligence.