Video: Texting and Driving is Dangerous, Nebraska Attorney Explains

What kinds of Activities are Considered Distracted Driving? Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about what kinds of activities people engage in while driving that Nebraska law recognizes as “distracted driving”. You’ve just been in an accident with a driver who was driving erratically, or who pulled out in front of you […]

What Can You Get If You File a Workers Comp Claim in Nebraska? Injury Lawyer Answers:

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Nebraska Workers Comp Injury Lawyer Greg Coffey Answers This Question:  What Kinds of Worker’s Comp Benefits Can You Get in Nebraska and What Kinds of Injuries Do You Need to Have? WATCH VIDEO: Injury Lawyer Greg Coffey: How Workers Compensation Works in Nebraska: You got hurt on the job and you’re wondering what kinds of injuries […]

What Do You Need To Know About Depositions Before You File a Case? Nebraska Injury Lawyer Tells:

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Nebraska Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman Answers This Important Question:  What is a deposition? WATCH VIDEO: Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman Explains Depositions in Nebraska: If you file an injury claim in Nebraska, it is important to know what a deposition is, because chances are, you will be deposed at some point. A deposition is basically like an […]

Nebraska Injury Lawyer Answers Your Questions: What is a Deposition?

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Nebraska Injury Lawyer Tells You: How Does a Deposition Work? Can what you say in your deposition affect your case? Do you have to be deposed? How will a Nebraska Injury Lawyer help you prepare for your deposition? What will your Nebraska Injury Lawyer ask you in the deposition? What will the other lawyer ask […]

Herb Friedman Injury Attorney | Truck Accidents are different than other Passenger Vehicle Accidents. What you need to know: Friedman Law offices Truck Accident Attorneys

Herb Friedman, Truck Accident Attorney: Our clients who have been involved in truck accidents and perhaps sustained an injury, often think the rules regarding large trucks are the same as.. [read more] Friedman Law Offices Truck Accident Attorneys

Nebraska Attorney Herb Friedman Answers Questions about Child Sexual Abuse

I’m Herb Friedman of Friedman Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska. Children are the most vulnerable members of society. They are loving, want to please adults, and are often easily lead by adults. They are easy victims. Child sexual abuse is an ugly and unpleasant secret and only recently have cases involving this type of abuse come to the public view. We have a good deal of experience in area of the law. There are many questions that our clients frequently ask, concerning these very, very difficult cases.