What Can You Get If You File a Workers Comp Claim in Nebraska? Injury Lawyer Answers:

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Nebraska Workers Comp Injury Lawyer Greg Coffey Answers This Question:  What Kinds of Worker’s Comp Benefits Can You Get in Nebraska and What Kinds of Injuries Do You Need to Have? WATCH VIDEO: Injury Lawyer Greg Coffey: How Workers Compensation Works in Nebraska: You got hurt on the job and you’re wondering what kinds of injuries […]

Nebraska Lawyer Robert Moodie How Are Workers Compensation Benefits Calculated?

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We are often asked about how Workers’ Compensation benefits are calculated. The answer to that question can be very complicated and really should be done on a case by case basis by an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer. However we can talk in general terms about how this is done. First we’ll talk about the calculation of Temporary Disability benefits.

What Kinds of Workers Comp Benefits Can You Get in Nebraska? Injury Lawyer Explains:

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Nebraska Injury Lawyer Talks About Workers Comp Benefits What are the 4 types of workers comp benefits you can get in Nebraska? Are you eligible for workers comp? How much does it cost for representation from a Nebraska Injury Lawyer for your workers comp case? Are there any fees up-front? A Nebraska Injury Lawyer at […]

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People with Workers’ Compensation injuries who call our office often wonder what types of benefits they might be eligible for. Workers’ Compensation is what the courts call a “creature of statute” which means the Workers’ Compensation court can only award those benefits specifically provided for under the Workers’ Compensation act. This means those benefits specifically described in the Act might be awarded but anything NOT specifically provided for cannot be awarded. Work comp benefits fall into 4 broad categories.

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Among FAQs we get from callers w/ WC claims is whether it makes a difference to their case if either they or their employer were at fault in causing the work –related accident. The short answer is no. The Workers’ Compensation system was originally intended to provide coverage to people who get hurt on the job regardless of who is at fault. This places the burden for work place safety on the party in the best position to provide for work place safety – the employer.